The Real Estate Game on the Radio

Welcome to the Real Estate Game Radio Show.

We are the go to resource for all things related to real estate.

Whether you are a home owner looking to sell your home, a first time buyer looking to buy a home, or even a landlord looking for information on renting out your home, we have the resources that you are looking for.

Everything you thought you knew about real estate may be completely wrong!

As you have most likely heard us say on the radio, Real Estate is really just a game.  But in order to play this game, you really need to know the rules.

the rules to the game aren't what you think

Here are just a few of the topics that this site will cover:

  • Discover 15 things that every home buyer should know before they get a new loan
  • Why your loan’s interest rate lock is really not a lock at all.
  • Find out 14 ways your tenant might unintentionally screw up your land lording bliss.
  • Check out this list of 17 ways to sell your house on your own without a real estate agent
  • Discover 7 important questions that your Realtor wishes you wouldn’t ask them.
  • How to get your mortgage rate 1/2 of a point lower without having to pay anything extra for it.
  • Find a simple strategy to get your mortgage paid off 8.5 years quicker without having to pay anything extra per per year than what you were already scheduled to pay.
  • Learn about 6 simple things any landlord could do to protect their housing portfolio that your CPA won’t think to tell you.
  • Find a simple way to sell your house and get it closed in just 10 days.

We are the Real Estate Game Guys – We tell it like it really is.  Once you know it is a game, and once you know the rules, winning is inevitable.

cash for houses

When you learn the rules:

  • As a buyer you get a better deal and price
  • As a seller you get it sold quicker with fewer hassles
  • As a landlord you get better tenants and less headaches and less risk


Find out how the Real Estate Game is played today.  Tune in to our weekly radio show for even more info.

Because Real Estate is Just a GAME!